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Steve Job quotation ( Sasqilogy)

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs



Loving is nothing but thinking that a person is important to you.


Loving is nothing but thinking that a person is important to you-

So the emotion of love is triggered when your mind realizes that someone is important to you. The person’s assertiveness, financial success or his ability to make you laugh are among the things that might attract you to him.Your mind is always in constant search of methods that can make you happy and if it realized that someone can help you feel better or can help you satisfy an important need that you have then there is a big chance that you are going to fall in love with him. So it’s your mind that determines whether you will fall in love with a person or not (sorry Hollywood).

Hatred And The Mind

Hatred is also controlled by the mind and it’s a method your mind uses to keep you away from those who can harm your well being. Suppose you were not an assertive person and that there was an arrogant guy who always used to make fun of you in front of others.

In such a case your mind will realize that this person causes you pain and that staying away from him is the right action. But how will your mind motivate you to stay away from that person? Simply by using the emotion of hatred your mind will ensure that you will avoid that person as much as you can.

So again it’s your mind that determines whether you will hate a certain person or not.

Meditation: Inner Peace, Bliss and Silence


Meditation: Inner Peace, Bliss and Silence

Imagine yourself standing on the beach, watching the waves rushing to the shore and then returning back to the ocean. Feel the cool, pleasant breeze, and breath in the intoxicating smell of the ocean.

Tune in to the feeling of calmness that you experience now.

Stay with this image and feeling for a while. It is pleasant, isn’t it?

This scene is taking place in your imagination and is not real. However, you were able to create an experience that was felt real.

You were in engaged in some sort of meditation. Was it difficult?

he subconscious mind:

Think of the subconscious mind as the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, you skills, all situations you’ve been through and all images you’ve ever seen.

The best way to understand the subconscious mind is to look at the example of the person who wants to learn how to drive a car. At the beginning he wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with anyone while driving as he would be focusing on the different moves involved. That’s because he’s still using his conscious mind to drive.

The subconscious mind; your Autopilot!

Few weeks later driving becomes a natural habit that happens automatically without needing to think about it. That person could even start using his cell phone or talking to his friends while driving.

This happened because the driving habit has been transferred to his subconscious mind and so the conscious mind become free. This allowed him to use it to talk in his cell phone.

The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing a new situation. If you were about to give a presentation then all the fear and anxiety feelings you might experience are in fact launched and controlled by your subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is, on the other hand, responsible for logic, calculations and all actions that are performed while you are conscious. The subconscious mind also controls other functions in your body like breathing and heart beats.

Another good example that can help you better understand the subconscious mind is the process of breathing. Before you started reading the previous line your breathing was controlled by your subconscious.

I want you now to try and control your breathing for one minute. You will be able to do so of course. This time it was the conscious mind that was controlling your breathing,but when you let go of your focus your subconscious mind will takeover again.

How you can you program your subconscious mind

When the information about driving is stored into your subconscious mind it’s stored as a program. Think of your mind as a computer and the driving information as software that can be run automatically whenever needed.

The same goes for lots of other activities and emotions. If someone annoyed you the installed program of anger is going to be launched and the result will be a behavior that you may regret later.

By programming the subconscious mind with new programs you can fix many problems in your personality. Just make sure that your autopilot is capable of running your system without ruining your life or causing you any problems.

Programming your subconscious can be done through hypnosis. The subconscious mind learns by repetition and not by logic. This is why you can convince someone to believe in something by repeating your argument again and again rather than using logic. For more information on this topic see the guide to the psychology of convincing

Rules of the subconscious mind

In order to best use the power of your subconscious mind you must first know how the subconscious mind works. The subconscious mind is governed by many rules.

Learning about these rules will allow you to make the best use out of your subconscious mind with the least effort. At the bottom of the article is a link that contains all the information you need to know about the rules of the subconscious mind.

Ego defense mechanisms

Just like your body has got its defenses against physical wounds and injuries your subconscious mind has got its defenses against emotional shocks and wounds.

These are called ego defense mechanisms or unconscious defense mechanisms. The ego defense mechanisms’ main function is to protect your well-being and to help you overcome emotional shocks.

The subconscious mind and forgetting about someone

The main reason people stay broken after breakups is that they have false beliefs about relationships stored in their subconscious minds. In my book, how to get over anyone in few days, i described how can getting rid of beliefs like “the one” or “the soul mate” help you forget about anybody in few days.

As soon as someone gets rid of these beliefs he will realize that he can one day find another person who replaces the one who left him and so recovery happens.

Using your conscious and subconscious mind together

The conscious and the subconscious mind can make a great team if you used them together. The first can handle some tasks then assigns them to the second while the second can send feedback and messages about the task in the form of emotions to the first.

Emotions are no more than messages sent by your subconscious mind in order to notify you about something.

By learning how to make the best use of the cooperation between your conscious and subconscious mind your life skills will improve and you will have much more control over your emotions.

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The law of Attraction ( Hukum Tarik menarik yang dasyat dalam kehidupan kita )

Kebayoran Baru-20130303-02394Photo Sketch1The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. For example, if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then according to the law of attraction, the law would “confirm” those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a check might, under the same law, find a check instead of a bill.

The Law of Attraction is very simple:
“like attracts like” . It’s a universal law that doesn’t play favorites. It doesn’t determine who is “worthy” of love. Your life mirrors what is going on inside you so attracting the right person means projecting the kind of energy they radiate.

The power of the mind along with the Law of Attraction is very powerful and if used correctly you can use them to attract all that you want and desire.

Our thoughts begin in our conscious mind and whatever we truly believe will move into our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like your magic genie and it will accept anything that you feed to it and it will carry out your every wish.

So whatever you consistently think about whether it is real or imagined your subconscious mind will accept it is as the truth and it will find a way to bring to you whatever it is that you desire.

If you say to yourself, I have a feeling this is going to be a bad day, your subconscious mind along with Law of Attraction will see to it that you attract to you all the things and circumstances to ensure that your day go as badly as you believed that it would be.

Or, if you consistently tell yourself that you are broke and you do not have the money to go on vacation, buy a new car or purchase the home of your dreams your subconscious mind will believe your words and those things will be kept away from you.

You are what you think and your subconscious mind act as your magic genie and your wish is its every command.

So be mindful of what you are thinking and wishing for unless you truly want it to come into your existence.

See yourself with whatever it is that you want. Let that picture sink into your subconscious mind by picturing or saying exactly what you want continuously with feeling.

Because with the power of the mind you can have whatever it is that you want.

If you wish to be wealthy, create a mental picture; see yourself living in luxury, see yourself in the most expensive stores paying cash for the things that you like, living in the mansion of your dreams and driving the car that you would like to drive.

The mental pictures that you let sink into to your subconscious mind will determine your vibration and once you get emotionally involved in the images of what you want, you will be sending out strong vibrations into the universe and with the Law Of Attraction you will attract to you all the things to that you need in order to fulfill the mental pictures that you are feeding into your subconscious mind.

So as you go through life figuring out what you want and do not want, your subconscious mind along with the Law of Attraction will provide you with the necessary avenues or ideas that are needed in order to attract to you all things that you desire into your life.

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As You Think – So You Become


As You Think, So You Become This is an ancient saying, and like many sayings, has withstood the test of time because it’s so true.

Scientists hundreds of years ago noted that like elements and like bodies attract one another. For example, water attracts more water, fire more fire, mercury more mercury, etc. In sociological terms, the same is said to be true: A crowd attracts a crowd, people with similar interests or backgrounds attract each other, etc. “Birds of a feather flock together.”What many philosophers have believed for thousands of years is that, like elements or people, energy  also attracts like energy . We may not think about it much, but we are nothing more than moving masses of energy.

Think of the atoms and particles spinning around within you, making up every part of your body. We are nothing more than an organized collection of energy!If like energy attracts other like energies, that means that the energy we are giving off (positive / negative) will be the energy that we attract! Imagine that. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. On “bad days” we are telegraphing our negative energies far and wide, and everyone can pick it up a mile away.

On “good days” we are telegraphing our positive energies, and everyone and everything clicks into place.If the energy “vibes” we’re sending out affect our quality of life, can’t we do something to attract more positive energies and more positive experiences? Yes!Negative energy = RepelsPositive energy = Attracts

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